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SEAN Guitar History








Establishment of Saean Tech Co., Ltd.
Development of Saean Standard (w Eunseong Instrument)


Saean paulownia body custom development

Launched 6 units and electric guitar patent registered

2 trademark registrations

3 electric guitar design registrations

Kim Kyung-ho Band performance at Olympic Hall

Developed and launched 9 models including METEOR -DELUXE

Tammy Kim, Alford (Australia), CCM band Two Tri One,

All against, Terry Lewis (MaMaGuns), Jeff Marshall (MI Instructor), Daniel Gilbert (MI Instructor), Jeongsik Kim, Jay Gore, Ann book & performance support

Modify your brand with SEAN guitars

Mordern, Standard, Single Cut, T-Standard, developed Mordern-Hybird and launched School Music

Daon Performance Support

Charlie Chung Performance and Guitar Clinic

Tommy Kim Guitar Clinic

Support for Kim Jeong-sik’s performance

The Dooo and book support overseas export

Sean Modern Standard & Custom Development Released

Development of SC-H locking tuner

SATB-01C locking tremolo bridge development

SAF-11, SAR-14.6 custom pickup development

Participated in Japanese acoustic instrument exhibition fair

Planned to participate in Daegu International Musical Instrument & Acoustic Instrument Expo



Due to the characteristics of wooden instruments, all deformations and problems

It's hard to predict.

If you have a problem using an instrument,
Please contact us at the email address below and we will reply.







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